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CLE Training

Are you an individual looking for a course that will take you to the next level in lactation, or desire to become a Certified Lactation Educator?  You should enrol in  CAPPA CLE Training.  CLE's are in high demand in our communities.  The knowledge and skills taught during the three-day intensive course aids the professional as well as the community advocate.  Join our next CLE Class and learn evidence-based information to prepare you to provide exceptional breastfeeding education.

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You owe it to yourself and the moms you serve to enrol in the CLE Training

Ready to become more proficient when offering breastfeeding education? Take the first step towards becoming a Certified Lactation Educator™ with CAPPA.  This twenty-four hour training meets the first requirement of your CLE® program and prepares you to work through the steps for certification. This course is designed to improve the skill base, knowledge and perspectives on breastfeeding for perinatal professionals. Additionally, this course supports both the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative and Mother-Friendly practices and provides training for those seeking certification as certified lactation educators™ with CAPPA.

Offering 21.25 L-CERPS and 24 CAPPA Contact Hours. RD and nursing contact hours potentially available on request.

The CAPPA 20 + Hour Lactation Educator Training Class includes the CAPPA Lactation Manual, resources, and unique giveaways to enhance your practice.

The training covers the following topics: 

  • Goals/Roles of the Lactation Educator™
  • Historical Look at Breastfeeding
  • Anatomy of Breast and Lactation Physiology
  • Importance of Breastfeeding/ Hazards of Formula Feeding
  • Counseling the Postpartum Family
  • Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding – BabyFriendly Information
  • Working with the Hospital
  • Maternal/Infant Challenges
  • Pumping/Expressing Breastmilk
  • Medications and Mother's Milk
  • Maintaining Milk Supply 
  • Teaching To Adult Learners
  • Latch and Positioning
  • Working with the Hospital
  • When and who to refer moms to for additional help
  • And much more! Additional DVDs, presentations and business building skills are shared. Each student body is unique, so each class is too.

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Meet Your Instructor


Fiona has over 25 years of experience attending births, supporting mothers postpartum, and offering lactation care as an IBCLC. She is passionate about teaching in a kind and nurturing environment to meet the individual needs of each student. She studied in England under the National Association of Maternal and Child Welfare.  Fiona then moved to Canada and went on to teach and study internationally.  Her experience in perinatal health along with her interest in technology and social media and passion for quality education makes her an excellent fit working with families locally, nationally and Internationally. Fiona provides private consults for Childbirth Education, Doula & Lactation Support, mentoring new doulas and as a Faculty of CAPPA provides training for Labour Doula & Lactation Educator.  She can be reached at

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CAPPA Membership and Certification

The CLE three-day training stands alone in fulfilling the requirements for Peer Counselor Training,  Core Competencies and Lactation Educator training, the 20 Hour World Health Organization Curriculum to support the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative. Ideal for hospital staff, pediatrician, obstetricians, midwives, and nurses specializing in maternity care.

but in order to become a Certified Lactation Educator, students must also become a member of CAPPA, enroll in CAPPA Academy, complete the coursework and pass an online exam. Questions? Email the instructor prior to registering.

Compare the value with other Lactation Educator programs and you will see the CAPPA advantage. Students have two years from their training date to complete the certification process. Membership has many advantages.  CAPPA members may attend the annual conference free (break out sessions not included).  Enrollment in CAPPA Academy also affords many advantages. Students who enroll in CAPPA Academy also gain access to the widely acclaimed Grow Your Birth Business Program by Emily Fontes. CAPPA is proactive in supporting its students in the birth business. Enrolling in the certification process puts you in a position to receive mentoring, advice and support from those established in the business. 

Certification adds prestige and accountability to the profession. Employers can evaluate an applicant based on the certification requirements completed. There is a huge value in pursuing certification. Not only will you learn much more through the process, you will also be qualified to add "CLE" to your title.

Take charge of your future. Put your dedication, determination, passion and skills to work for you! What are you waiting for?

Are you ready to begin your career in lactation or gain more evidence-based information and skills? Sign up now for the next CLE Training in your area. 


The three-day intensive lactation training fulfills the Baby Friendly and Core Competencies requirements.  It is a wonderful refresher course and a valuable training for anyone working with moms and babies.  Nurses often take the course to gain lactation knowledge or add to their resume in the highly competitive field. The three-day training alone provides an excellent overview of lactation and completes the training for a Lactation Educator.  

Beyond the three day training, individuals are encouraged to pursue Certification as Lactation Educators and become a CLE through CAPPA Academy.  The Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association have developed a certification process that enables educators to instruct in a wide range of breastfeeding areas. The certification process is important because it signifies a level of competence to those seeking a Certified Lactation Educator. Since it would be impossible to thoroughly understand the position of the Certified Lactation Educator in only three days, CAPPA has developed an online course that gives a thorough overview.  In order to achieve certification, individuals must:

  1. Attend and fulfil the requirements of the 20 Hour CAPPA CLE Training (the three-day training offered above)
  2. Join CAPPA (benefits include website listing, free admission to the annual conference, complete with CEUs, etc.)
  3. Enroll in CAPPA Academy (includes all requirements and downloads)
  4. Complete requirements outlined in CAPPA Academy (individuals currently working in the birthing/breastfeeding or education field will find many of the requirements are completed in their daily work, others may need to make more of an effort, but the CAPPA CLE Trainer will be available for mentoring and guidance through the process, and applicants have 2 years to complete the certification)
  5. Individuals currently working in the lactation field may qualify for the Accelerated Program.


In order to enter this program, you must meet one of these requirements. Copies of licenses/certifications required.

  • Be a currently licensed RN with at least one-year lactation experience working with mothers and babies who are breastfeeding. Proof required in the form of a letter from nurse manager or administrator stating nursing experience and specific breastfeeding support.
  • Be a La Leche League Leader with at least two years of experience.
  • Be a certified childbirth educator (with CAPPA, Bradley, ICEA, Lamaze or Birthworks) who has taught a minimum of 12 breastfeeding classes. Proof required in the form of class rosters and/or evaluations and CCCE certificate.
  • Be a WIC Peer Counselor or Registered Dietician with at least 2 years breastfeeding support experience.

If you are with a different organization or have a tremendous amount of breastfeeding experience and have had specific BF experience and training, you can also apply to be accepted into the accelerated program. For clarification, write Laurel at


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association, CAPPA, announces the ownership of the CLE™ Registered Trademark for Certified Lactation Educators.

Atlanta, Georgia, November 23, 2004 - Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association, CAPPA, acquired ownership of the registered trademark of CLE™, Certified Lactation Educator, as of November 16, 2004. The Certified Lactation Educator Program provides candidates with complete evidenced-based training for offering private and public breastfeeding classes, advocacy, and support. This international program has been developed to provide the highest quality educators in the lactation field. The American Academy of Pediatrics, The World Health Organization, the National Medical Association and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists all believe that the contribution of breastfeeding to maternal and infant health is so significant that they have set forth policies to promote its practice. CAPPA also believes in the necessity of breastfeeding and in supporting the Healthy People 2010 Goals: 75% of women breastfeeding immediately postpartum, 50% at 6 months postpartum, and 25% at one year postpartum. CAPPA’s CLE™ certification program will help provide the nation with the best educators to help increase breastfeeding initiation and duration rates. (from


CAPPA's Mission:

CAPPA certified professionals aim to facilitate empowerment, connection, and self-advocacy in families from pre-conception through early parenthood. CAPPA seeks to forge positive and productive relationships between organizations that support healthy, informed family choices. The organization consists of a leadership board, regional representatives, trainers, mentors, advisors, and its membership. CAPPA is the most comprehensive pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum organization available.

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